We have had a fun filled couple weeks at Walter RC Park. Many pilots showed up for IMAC and had a great time. There has been a lot of action on the Race Tracks as well. Newly added, MultiGP came out and set up a great course and flew many […]

Great Job Everyone!!

EMERGENCY LIPO BATTERY SAFETY ALERT Lithium Battery Fires Lithium batteries are becoming very popular for powering the control and power systems in our models. This is true because of their very high energy density (amp-hrs/wt. ratio) compared to NiCd's or other batteries. With high energy comes increased risk in their […]

LiPo Saftey Warnings

3rd Annual Pot of Gold Crawler Fun Run Event Entry Fee: Free Register before the run in the club house. Pit tables and charging in the club house. “Bad weather, snow, mud, cold, and/or windy, come and enjoy Michigan anyway. Driver Prizes, Raffles Info: Call Dave: (616) 204-3798 | Email: […]

March Event